Problems with importing Duplicator package to Local by Flywheel

There was no any problems with transferring WP package created by Duplicator until today.
But now after package import database access data are blank. But even after filling all data (user, database, password) to wp-config.php file local site redirects to original live site on the hosting server.

Local By Flyweel - 3.04
Wordpress - 5.1.1
Duplicator - 1.3.12

Hi, I also am running into this same issue with the latest versions of both. Did you find a fix for this already?

No. I switched to MAMP as it has more options for local site management.

Hi, thanks for the reaction. That is also what I did, but I was wondering if it will be fixed as I really liked working with Local but I was running into too many problems lately with it. It used to work really good.

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I agree. On Local by Flywheel lots of work is being performing on the virtual machine under the hood. And the only one but the main advantage of this method is the simplicity. But, this advantage instantly disappears when the process of deployment turns into a headache for finding problems.