Problem when installing a live site via duplicator package


I’m trying to migrate my website using the Duplicator plugin to install it locally on Flywheel. When I run the installer.php I get a 502 error on the screen. I have restarted the site, uninstalled and installed local by Flywheel and created another Duplicator package to see if the old package was the problem.

Does someone know how to solve the problem?

To install a live site on Local, I recommend you use All-in-One WP Migration (link below).
Through the plugin is an easy process, but you can do it mannually too: Just download wp-content folder, export your database, rename it to local.sql, zip it all together and drag into Local’s interface (it will import your website, just like a Local export).

As for All-in-One WP Migration plugin:

  1. Install All-in-One WP Migration on your live website
  2. Create a backup and download it on your computer
  3. Now create a fresh website installation on Local
  4. Install All-in-One WP Migration on your new fresh website at Local
  5. Go to the plugin menu at “Import” and select the file downloaded in step 2
  6. Follow instructions given by the plugin.

You should have your website correctly installed in Local with that process :smiley:
If you need any further help, drop it here!

Hi there,
I used the 1st suggestion and renaming the the database to local.sql brakes the connection. I used my database_name.sql and worked perfectly. :smile:
Also used the 2nd though takes longer but I can see the advantages with a live server.

Great! Glad it worked for you with that change.
The process may have changed :smiley:

Thanks for sharing!!

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