Problems with olds site on "Local By FlyWheel" and new "Local"

I have several local websites made with Local By FlyWheel and when updating the Catalina operating system, I had to download “Local” and now those sites are on my computer but I can’t see them. Is there a process to carry out to be able to see and work on them?

If the problem is raised in advance, I would appreciate the link to the post. since I don’t know how to plan the search. I have tried and can’t find it.

(sorry my english)

I got it!

in the end it is so simple that it seems incredible.

1 - You look for the folder where the old websites are hosted (it is the same as that of the new program)
2 - You remove all the folders from there
3 - Compress one by one all the folders you want to migrate (there are still some kind of “tests” that are not worth it)
4 - You choose one of the zip files and drag it to the new program, to the window. And the process begins. you are choosing the indications that it gives and ready….
5 - So with all webs.

If you do not remove the folders, it indicates that there is already a website with that name.

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