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Provide that latest version of PHP 7.4.xx within a reasonable timeline

Issue Summary

Is not possible to have an updated recent version of PHP 7.4.22 (or others)

Troubleshooting Questions

  • This happen for all sites in Local

  • I’m able to create a new, plain WordPress site in Local and access it in a Browser


You have only 4 options, and not the last one from PHP 7.4.22 (or others… 23, 24, 25…)

System Details

  • Version of Local → THE LAST, ALWAYS.

  • OS version → linux mint and windows 10

Hey @agendablanca.com , Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Thanks for creating this topic! I’ve moved this to the Feature Request category since this is something that we are wanting to improve on!

As for why Local’s versions of PHP are slightly behind the published minor versions of PHP – that’s mostly due to us having to manually compile them. Currently this is a fairly complicated process that takes our developers a while to complete for all the OSes and versions of PHP we provide.

We’re still working out a better way of automating this so that these versions of PHP are:

  1. Current!
  2. Available for all OSes!
  3. Include all the PHP extensions (and more!) that a WordPress site expects.

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