PHP needs to be higher

I was making a new website in Wordpress through Local and was going to get the plugin Woocommerce. Then I couldn’t install it because I need at least the PHP to be 7.4 but always when I start a new site through Local it comes in 7.3.5 PHP. How can I resolve this.

What is your OS and what version of Local are you on? Those things will determine what versions of PHP are available to you.

You can read more here about the minimum requirements for using the latest versions of Local:

And see the releases here:

Its Windows 11 22H2 and the version is 6.1.0+5452

Hi @Dannatello

We’re currently on Local v8.2, so updating would be a good idea!

We introduced a major change in v6.4.3 that requires you to update manually. Please ensure all sites in Local are stopped and not running. Then you can download and install the latest Local version here: