Pull to Local wiped out 20 Gigs of space

Have upgraded to the new Flywheel Local app with the “Pull To Local” option in the vertical tabs on the left. Had about 23 Gigs of free space when I Pulled in a site, but now I’m down to 3 gigs of space on my hard drive. The site itself (after being pulled from Flywheel in the Local Sites/{site name}/app/public/) is only 6 gigs, where is the other 14 gigs of space at? Is there some sort of cache going on here? Can I remove the files that have been downloaded from Flywheel somewhere so I can free up space on my mac? Using Mac OSX Yosemite if it helps.


Hi Solomon,

Thanks for the report!

You can find the zips that are pulled down and the folders that they are extracted to in your computer’s $TMPDIR folder.

You can easily open it in Finder by opening Terminal and then entering: open $TMPDIR

The folders should be removed automatically but now that I’m looking into it, I don’t believe the pulled zips are. We’ll get this fixed ASAP.

Thanks, this has helped me. Please get this fixed asap.

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