Push and pull to other hosting providers than flywheel or wpengine?

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Hi everyone,

How do I start with setting up Local if I want to be able to push and pull to and from an existing website (hosting other than Flywheel or WPengine)?

Is this even possible, if so, what steps should I take (windows)?

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  • Does this happen for all sites in Local, or just one in particular?

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Hi @Dddd

Even though the Local Connect feature only works specifically with WP Engine and Flywheel, Local itself is free and open for all developers to use. There are still many other ways you can get your sites into Local and then migrated to your other host. We recommend the plugin WP Migrate for both if you’re using another hosting option!

If you’re just getting started with Local you can browse the forums here for answers and workflows, but we also have help docs to guide you here as well: Archives: Help Docs - Local

If you want to learn more about WP Migrate, the makers Delicious Brains have lots of helpful docs and blog posts here: WP Migrate - Push/Pull Your WordPress Database & Files

Thank you so much!
That is a big relief.

Am I able to push and pull the ENTIRE existing website with WPmigrate?

Thanks again for your help!


For getting your site into Local, instead of pulling you can use WP Migrate’s Full Site Export feature to simply create an export zip of the site that you can drag and drop into Local. More details here:

If you already have a site in a zip format, or if you’re exporting using a different plugin, all Local needs to be able to import a site is basically a wp-content file and sql. Once these are zipped up you can just drag and drop them into the app!

For migrating your site from Local to another host (pushing), you can start here: