Selectively disable Push / Pull for specific site

Preferably configurable at the WPEngine / Flywheel API level, would like to be able to disable PUSH for specified sites.
Alternately it would be good if I could at least disable the push button in local itself on a site specific basis.

Reasoning: want to be able to push / pull development and staging freely, and also pull from production freely, but don’t want to accidentally update anything directly to production using local because I clicked wrong button while tired.

related to Disable push/pull buttons

Thank you for creating this feature request @tastratton! It never hurts to have more redundancies and safety checks. As we tell users all the time, be sure to back up before doing just about anything :slight_smile:

clarification: in WPEngine terminology, the feature request should probably be setting the feature for a specific “environment” rather than “site”. Not sure how this terminology translates on flywheel.

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:grinning: never perform work on a system without a recovery plan

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