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Pushing from VS code to WP Engine with Local

I pulled the code, edited in VS code, and now I’m trying to find documentation that shows how to push the changes up to WP Engine. I added a font file as well and I need it all pushed to WP Engine. I’m not sure if I’m missing a step, but when I push it on the Local dashboard, I guess there isn’t a way for it to know about my changes in VS code.

Hey @jssdnvn, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I’m having a little trouble visualizing what isn’t updating in VS Code. Are you working with Git in some way with VS Code?

There’s a few different ways to go about working with deploying and syncing a site in Local with a remote WP Engine site.

The simplest way to do this is to just use Connect to push and pull a site to WP Engine.

If the kinds of changes that you’re making need to be more fine-grained, for example, if multiple devs are working on the same files within a site, then you might want to use Git to help track and merge the changes to the site files.

Using Git doesn’t mean that you can’t use Connect. For a few of the sites I work on, I’ll still use Connect to pull down the most recent version of a site’s DB, or perhaps some plugin updates that have been made to the remote site from the WP admin.

Anyway, hope that gives a little direction. Let me know if you need more details or if I misunderstood anything, especially in terms of how VS Code is not being updated!