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Rather crippling without the ability to search with linked WPE account to pull

We have a very large company account and when using WPE Devkit we could at least pull down any site via clone even if it wasn’t returned via list.

However, since it is being dropped and merged into Local there is no way to get a full list or search of all sites linked to our account.

This makes it rather difficult when you have roughly 900-1000 sites. Even scrolling if returned in alphabetical order would be more useful than it currently stands.

Hi there,

We’re working on bringing site search and filtering to the Connect tab to make this easier. Vote for that here: https://localwp.canny.io/feature-requests/p/search-filter-connect-tab-sites

Thanks. However, we still have an issue with not everything being listed. The search/filtering would make it easier but right now it simply doesn’t list everything.