Remove Access & SSL Questions


  1. I am not a developer but I know how to work with basic WP however sometimes I want developer enter remotely to my admin panel to check something. Is this possible in Local?

  2. I see TRUST button the interface. Is this SSL I can enable on localhost?


There is a “live link” feature, which provides a link that you can give to your developer. This link would be to your main site, so your developer would have to add wp-admin to the url.


  1. The link is not active after I turned off the computer.

  2. You forgot to answer the second question.


  1. Live Links are only active while Local is running. When the Live Link is active there is a tunnel running from the provider to your Local installation. As soon as Local is quit or your computer goes to sleep the tunnel is terminated. If you want it to be accessible then you need to push it to a host like Flywheel.

  2. The Trust button is to bypass the red browser warnings about self-signed SSL. Clicking this button doesn’t activate HTTPS for the site. To do that you need to change the Home URL and Site URL under Settings » General in the WordPress settings.

Thank you Clay.

  1. It would be nice if we could generate the pernament link. This will help in case like mine to send the link to the developer to the different country with different time zone.

  2. In order to activate HTTPS i have to change Home URL and Site URL under Settings » General in the WordPress settings and click on Trust button or just changing the settings is fine?


  1. I totally agree! We’re looking into solutions for this :grinning:

  2. Just changing the settings will work. Clicking the “Trust” button will remove the browser warning about the self-signed certificate after you change the settings. The “Trust” step is optional. It’s there for your convenience.