Removing multisite option

hello to all

I just installed yesterday Local by Flywheel with the option Multisite thinking it will help me for future multiple sites I’ll develop.
BUT, today I realized that several plugins I bought don’t work properly with this option as I bought a licence for a single site/domain and then multisite option exist but the cost is not for me at the moment possible to spend.
Then I would like to remove this multisite option for the time being and then once I’ll be ready or will have multisite to develop then I’ll bought the correct licences for the plugins and re-activate multisite option.
How can I do that?


Hi @bkantique

There isn’t a one-click option to convert between a Multisite and a single WordPress install and vice-versa.

The issue is that the underlying data structure for a Multisite install requires a bit of manual updating.

You can follow this help doc from Delicious Brains about extracting a single site from a Multisite:

but if you are fairly early in the development process it might be best to just start over with a clean slate.

– Ben

Thanks Ben for your reply

Indeed the option to remove all and reinstall without the multisite option was one of my last choice as you stated correctly that I am at early stage so no damage at the moment

The proposed solution to extract my website well a little bit tricky for me.

Before doing anything I am going to get a confirmation that my plugins I bought won’t work in a multisite environment (which is a preprod environment then Local then I guess that when you bought a license for 1 site it means 1 live site and not a local one…)