Move current live WP site to a local Flywheel Multisite install


Been trying for some hours now to migrate my live site to a new local multisite flywheel install. The best ive managed to do is create a local version of the live site on flywheel local (non-multisite) when I try and use the import tool for the wp .xml file it comes up with errors. I also tried with the import plugin show in this article:

but this does not link up to offline sites only Live Flywheel sites.

I’ve also tried a few migration plugins but they all seem to have expensive premium pricing for importing into a multisite. It seems strange to me that there isnt a simple way to do this such as the excellent drop drag of a zipped database sql and wp-content folder to create a local site that Flywheel already incorporates. Is there such a way to create additional sites on a multisite install?

Any help on this would be very much appreciated,


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