Renaming Sites after Environment Update

I have updated the environment in local 2 times in the last week as prompted by local updates. For a single site, I now have 3 versions named “site”, “site Clone” and now “site Clone Clone”. How do I rename “site Clone Clone” back to “site”? I see the “Rename” function in the menu, but really want to know if it is safe to just change the name back to “site” without losing my data.


Renaming the site in Local doesn’t change anything other than the name of the site in Local so it’s safe :slight_smile:.

If you wish to change the site path, you can either:

  1. Export and re-import the site to a different location
  2. Use the Volumes add-on to remap/relocate the site’s folders
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Which is the safest method?

Option #1 is a lot more simple so it’s less prone to user error. Option #2 requires that you remap multiple paths and if you map one incorrectly it can be difficult to track down.

Thanks that worked. But the Site Domain is still “site-clone-clone.local”

Can I simply click the “Change” link and change it to “site.local” without any problems?

I built a test site to experiment with. I got every thing to work fine on it and on my main site. Thanks for the help, I’m good to go.

Can you share your solution with the rest of us who are finding this thread with the same challenge? TIA.

You can change the site domain by clicking on the site in Local and then clicking on “Change” beside the site domain.

This will update the Local site’s domain and run a find and replace on the site’s database. Just be sure you’re not changing it to a domain you already have locally. :slight_smile: