[resolved] How to get Xdebug working in Sublime Text 3

Has anyone got Xdebug working in Sublime Text 3?

I have installed the Chrome Xdebug helper extension and set the IDE key to sublime.xdebug

Then I’ve installed the Sublime Xdebug Client package and added the URL of my site to the project settings.

But when I start the Xdebug tool and set a breakpoint, nothing happens.

Am I missing something?

Hey Simon,

You’re most likely missing the path_mapping setting. Do a quick “Find” for path_mapping on https://github.com/martomo/SublimeTextXdebug for more details.

Now, in terms of mapping it for Local, you’ll want to map your project like so:

"path_mapping": {
    "/app/public": "/Users/example-user/Local Sites/some-site/app/public"

Make sure you adjust the path on the right accordingly.

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Yep, that was it! I also discovered I somehow had port set to 9001 in my Xdebug settings, so I changed it to 9000.

All running very nicely now :grinning:

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