Setting up Xdebug with Atom - How To?

Does anyone have a How To on setting up Xdebug (using Local by FlyWheel) with the Atom editor?

I’m on Mac OS X Sierra, but I doubt that it would matter.

Thank you in advance,

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Hey Daniel,

With PhpStorm the main part of the puzzle is the path mapping. It maps the path from the site’s app/public folder to simply /app/public (what PHP in the Docker container sees).

It looks like php-debug for Atom has a similar PathMaps option.

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Hello clay!

I have configured the PathMaps option like you suggested:

    PathMaps: [
    ServerAddress: ""
    ServerPort: 9000

but my breakpoints are still ignored.

A similar configuration works fine in Visual Studio Code, so maybe it’s some incompatibility between Local’s XDebug settings and what is expected by Atom’s php-debug extension?


Hi @adrianogiannacco,

I’ll have to look into Xdebug + Atom sometime.

In the meantime, you can always tweak the php.ini file in the site’s conf/php/VERSION folder and adjust the Xdebug settings. Let me know what you find out! :smiley:

Also, one thing you may want to try is removing the ServerAddress and ServerPort options from the JSON above.

Trying to do this too … @adrianogiannacco did you solve this?

I notice someone has it working with VSCode already which is a total rip-off of very similar to Atom:

which i’m able to get working (though had to change the path mapping) … so it’s not the Local side causing the issue in Atom …


What problem are you running into with Atom? I tried setting up the PHP debugger in it with the following packages. I also use the Chrome Xdebug helper Extension.

Unfortunately, I was never able to get the breakpoints to work even with the path mapping configured. If I used xdebug_break(); it would properly break.

See Working bad since last updates · Issue #294 · gwomacks/php-debug · GitHub

Same issue, Clay … having got this to work with VSC has solved my ultimate problem though - I was able to determine that PHP 7.1 is causing an old add-in to break so have reverted my Local install to an older version of PHP (5.6) (great feature!) and that cleared the problem.

I may revert to trying to get Atom working at a later stage and edit this post if I make progress …

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