Restore Old Local Site files on New Local Installation

Hey guys… so I made a large mistake recently while trying to troubleshoot an issue on my VirtualBox software while messing with another Virtual Machine, and I deleted a bunch of files related to the Local By Flywheel virtual box (I know… rookie mistake).

I did have access to the “Local Sites” file on my Mac with all of the local sites that I had on the Local installation, however none of them worked anymore on Local. I went ahead and backed those sites up from that folder, do an external hard drive, and am now trying everything to restore that on a new Local Installation.

Here’s the situation:

  1. Backed up all Local Sites from old Local Sites folder
  2. Completely uninstalled Local by Flywheel from my Mac, including local sites folder, host file, virtual box, everything.
  3. Completely reinstalled a fresh Local by Flywheel version with no data at all

So now I am trying to figure out how to get these old Local sites from the Local sites folder, into the new Local installation.

I have tried everything I can think of including:

  1. Compressing one of the backed up local sites and dragging it into Local interface. I get an error.
  2. Dragging uncompressed local site file into the “Local Sites” folder created by the new local installation. Nothing happens.
  3. Doing both of those and then updating the host file using a template from a test site that I created in the new Local installation. Nothing happens.

I can list all of the errors if necessary, but I am trying to keep the problem pretty straight forward in that I have all of my old Local sites backed up, and a fresh new Local installation, I just need to know how to get those old Local sites back into the new installation.

Thanks in advance for your help!