Restoring a backup

There have been a few posts on how to restore a backup from a Time Machine (or other such backup program).

Within the forum’s posts to date I haven’t seen a solution. But there is one here:

To restore a Local site’s database and files from backup:—

The workflow is to create a ZIP of the backup site’s folders and files, and then import the ZIP as a new site via import.

The will then contain app, conf, logs, local-site.json.

This is necessary because a simple restore-override of existing website files (app/public) or database (app/sql) will not work as you would expect in version 6.7. Local backs up to app/sql/local.sql on site stop and restart events only. It ∗doesn’t restore from this location on start∗, meaning the only way to get it to ‘import’ the state of a database is the Import ZIP method above.

Thank you @harryf!

We do have some details around this in our help article Import/Export a WordPress Site - Local under the section - Restore from only Local site files

We also encourage users to save and backup their work as often as possible. We have a Cloud Backups feature to make this quick and easy.

Cloud Backups

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