Creating a backup fand restoring it

I created a backup of a live site with Solid Backups (formerly known as BackupBuddy).

I installed the plugin on Local and am trying to restore te backup. But to no avail. It’s just not doing it. There is no error, it just keeps spinning and stating:

“Backup Restore in Progress
Restoring may take a few minutes”

Is restoring a backup made with a backup plugin from a live site to Local even possible? Do I need another plugin for creating backups of my live site and restore them on Local?



Hello @Martin1 -

I think I understand your question - and I would suggest a different workflow.

Have you tried the Import process outlined in this help doc?

You could use the free version of WP Migrate (a WP Engine tool) to import your whole site into Local.

I think based on your question that would help you - but let me know if I’m misunderstanding!



That does seem to be the solution I was looking for. Does that plugin also backup the wp content folder? Do you know? I had a look at the plugin but didn’t see that part.

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