Restoring cPanel backup to Local

Issue Summary

I have been given a .tar.gz backup file of a site made through cPanel. I’m trying to restore this so I can use it locally for development. Are there any guides on instructions on how to achieve this?

I have tried a lot of things but always end up with the error - cannot connect to database.

Steps I take:

  • Create new site on Local
  • Extract and Copy public_html from the backup to the public folder in the new wp site on Local
  • Copy the database sql file to the sql folder for the Local site. Open Adminer for the Local wp site and import the sql file.

I have then tried numerous things to get past the cannot connect to database error:

  • Used user/password as root/root in wp-config
  • Used backup site DB username and password in wp-config
  • Created a new user in Adminer with the same username and password as the backup site. Edited wp-config.php with these details
  • Created a new user in Adminer with new username/password. Edited wp-config to use these.

System Details

  • Local 6.4.3
  • Mac Monterey

Hi @roly151 can you share a copy of your Local Log here? Retrieving Local’s Log File

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