Restore from Duplicator Backup


I’ve been away from Local by Flywheel for a while so please forgive if I’m overlooking something simple, but I’m sure I used to just drag my Duplicator ZIP files in to Local by Flywheel and my site would be restored.

I’ve tried this a few times now with several different backup files but I always get an Error Establishing Database Connection message. When I look at the wp-config file there are no database login credentials. If I update wp-config with the correct details it all works fine but I’m sure it never used to require this additional step.

Have I missed something?

Many Thanks

Hey @razorpig

That definitely is odd. Local does try and do a good job of figuring things out, but occasionally I’ve had to do some fiddling when importing a backup.

Often times when I have an issue importing a backup, I can get around it by simplifying what is being imported. To do this I’ll usually:

  1. Create a temporary folder somewhere, like on the desktop
  2. Extract the backup somewhere
  3. Copy the database dump .sql file to the temporary folder
  4. Copy the wp-content folder to the temporary folder
  5. Zip up the temporary folder and drag and drop it onto Local

I think that this works because occasionally for sites that have extra settings in wp-config.php or odd table names, this removes a lot of the guess-work that Local needs to do.