Restoring website

Good day,

I was wondering if anyone could assist.

I was working on a local WordPress website, flywheel got corrupted and I had to remove it completely and reinstall it. I was unable to access the website so I could not do a WordPress migration… I attempted to import the site from flywheel but I am not getting it right as I have no clue how to restore the old site.

I receive the following error messages:

Your assistance would be grreatly appreciated, i’m new to the software and local website development.

Hey @veryn, glad to have you join us in the forums!

The issue that I’m seeing in your screenshot is that Local is trying to import the local-scheme-create.sql file from the previous site’s \app\sql folder. The SQL file has a command to “CREATE” a database called “local”, but it’s already there and because of that, it can’t create it. Since the information in there will be recreated anyway, you can move or delete that file and try to import it again.