How to restore database from app/sql

Opened Flywheel today after doing Windows 10 updates last night, local machine can’t start, stays in an infinite loop trying to start.

Got nowhere after trying many times to get it to start, killing the service, restarting local and the PC, etc.

Uninstalled and reinstalled Flywheel and virtual box, problem persists, I find some folders relating to docker still on my pc, delete them, reinstall flywheel, it finally opens normally.

All my local sites are now messed up with the red icons, I choose to the fix container option, it fixes one site but doesn’t work for the other, it’s database has been reset.

I still have the app/sql folder contents before all this fun day wasting stuff happened for the now corrupted site, now I need to figure out how I can use the files in this folder to overwrite the useless new database local is forcing on this site, I can see by looking at the files in that app/sql folder that it is indeed my old database I want. I followed these instructions to no avail:

after step 6 I receive the error “(myloader:667): CRITICAL **: the specified directory is not a mydumper backup”

Please tell me how to fix this so I can get my work back, I was super impressed with Flywheel local until today and now I feel I can’t trust it not to corrupt my work and send me on a wild goose chase just trying to find my sql database that the software actually uses, not just backup dumps.

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I’m in the same boat… did you ever manage to get your sites back?