Safari Can't Connect to the Server Error Message

I am receiving the error message below when trying to view my site in local.
“Safari can’t open the page ------- because Safari can’t connect to the server -----.local”
I see on this board that it is a problem for many people. Can i get some assistance with this? It worked last thursday night, and every time I’ve tried to login since then it has not worked. I usually get that message the first time i try to go to the admin login or clicking view page, but the second time it will work. This time nothing is working. Please help.

Hey @dks7993

If the site is reachable on the second or third visit to the site, it might be that the server software hasn’t had a chance to fully turn on. If that’s the case, just wait a little bit for everything to get started and refresh the browser.

If you have a screenshot of the page within Safari, we might be able to offer more info, but in general, when this sort of thing happens, it’s due to something preventing the browser from talking to Local.

While troubleshooting, you might try:

  1. Using a different browser
  2. Create a new, plain WordPress site – can you access that site?
  3. Are there any other offline development tools running like Mamp? Stop those and restart Local.
  4. Any antivirus softare being used? Try temporarily deactivating it and restart Local. View the settings and see if anything in there is preventing Local from accessing or updating the Hosts file.

Hope that help point you in the right direction and let us know what you find out!

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