Push to Flywheel incrementally?

I’m wondering is there some way to do an incremental push of a Local site to Flywheel, such that only files that have changed since the last push are included? Basically git-style. As it stands now, I have to manually delete a couple of folders like node_modules to try and minimise the size of the site, otherwise the upload takes forever ( I have 4Mbps down and ~700Kbps up )

Hi @jsndvn,

Delta/incremental pushing/pulling isn’t supported at this time but it’s on our radar! We have to make adjustments on the platform-side (Flywheel) before Local can support it.

I moved this topic into #feature-requests so others can vote it up. :slight_smile:

Thanks Clay, good to know it’s on the roadmap.

I thought I’d be able to achieve what I wanted with DeployHQ but as I can’t sync the entire site to Flywheel including wp-content folder, it wasn’t helping particularly. And now I find that straightforward SFTP transfers are super slow ( I opened a help ticket to see can it be improved ) so really the last couple of days have been spent troubleshooting workflow/deployment stuff when I’d rather have been building a site. I might add that on a basic level, Local Connect hasn’t worked for me either as it errors out partway into the upload.


I posted the following in the Fly Friends Slack team, so I’ll add my two cents to this request:

I’d like to pull a site I manage for a client @ Flywheel to my Local app. However, a large library of media is handled on the remote site (GBs worth) that I don’t want to pull locally, rendering the use of Local somewhat useless in this case. There ought to be some way I could exclude a particular directory from being pulled (or pushed, for that matter!). Even if it were a somewhat manual way of adding a .localignore file in the directory to ignore, I’d be a happy camper. How nimble is the product development to be able to accommodate something like this in relatively short order? It’d be a life saver for me!


@clay, Benjamin Turner suggested I throw this out there on this request. Would really love a way to completely ignore pulling a single directory. Tangentially related to @jsndvn’s request.

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Hi! I’d also love to be able to either ignore directories or push/pull only updated files. Or even better, both! :pray:

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Shouldn’t this topic have been closed since it was covered by the release of pro/teams?

Thanks for pointing that out!

For others that are interested, incremental pushes and pulls to Flywheel sites are now being handled by the Magic Sync Viewer that comes with either Local Pro or Local for Teams.

Here’s more info about the features available for those versions of Local: