Serious problems with Local - Stuck cloning, importing and entire site files deleted by app

I am having a variety of serious problems with Local right now. I’ll just summarize:

  • App hangs when cloning a site (via clone or update environment > clone) - I updated VirtualBox and restarted to “resolve” this
  • App displays “Uh-oh! Error Changing Site Domain” error when cloning a site
  • App hangs on “Changing Site Domain” when importing an exported site

This all leaves me unable to work and I very much appreciate any help getting back up and running. To be frank, the process for upgrading PHP seems quite inefficient/awkward and its given me so many issues I am a bit hesitant to upgrade my local environments in Local. I LOVE Local By Flywheel, but lately its been very problematic, to the point where I might end up using MAMP again (shudder).

I am going to probably export all my sites :frowning: and reinstall Local to see if I can fix this and get working, but I wanted log this in hopes of resolving some of these issues.

macOS 10.14.1, Local 2.4.5, VirtualBox 5.2.22 r126460 (Qt5.6.3)

Log file attached. Thank you very much.

local-by-flywheel.log (119.1 KB)

Following up here. I exported my sites and deleted the Local app (via the official instructions - remove from VB, delete app support files, edit hosts, etc) and reinstalled the latest version. I imported three sites total, the two sites that were already running on PHP7 imported just fine. The one site (which I was trying to upgrade/clone before running into all these latest issues) running on PHP5 still hangs on “Changing Site Domain” when I attempt to import it.

Log file below (exported while waiting on “Changing Site Domain”). Thank you very much.

local-by-flywheel.log (13.4 KB)

One thing I noticed when attempting to import this site again, the app was just copying the site name into the site domain name without any extension. So for instance it had the site name as “site3” and the domain name as “site3” (instead of “site3.local”). I believe this is the only site it happened on, and the only thing I can think thats different is I renamed the site by adding “-php5” at the end before my initial attempt to upgrade/clone (really wish there was a way to adjust the site path, especially given the upgrade process… trying to avoid messy files/installs) This doesn’t explain the previous issues, but I thought it might be causing my current probably. Sadly it still hangs on “Changing Site Domain” even after I added the domain extension.

Next, I decided to try with an old import of the site. Immediately I noticed a difference between the import. When importing the newer version of the site (the one hanging on “Changing Site Domain”) it imports almost instantly and goes straight to getting stuck on “Changing Site Domain”. For this older backup of the site it goes into a process of “Extracting Files > Importing Database > Changing Site Domain”, and imports successfully.

In this instance I believe (not positive) that I haven’t changed anything beyond plugin/theme updates, so it may allow me to keep working. However (and this is a big HOWEVER) it is quite scary to me that I could have a backup of the site that doesn’t actually work as you can all understand.

Attaching another log file for good measure. Continued thanks.

local-by-flywheel.log (46.5 KB)

OK now this is terrifying. I went and checked the old folder of my “Local Sites”, which I tucked away for safe keeping before deleting the app, and the “public” folder is gone. The only folder inside “app” is “sql”. I haven’t touched the folder except to move the entire “Local Sites” contents to my desktop for safekeeping. All my other sites still have the correct files, only the site I attempted to upgrade the PHP on has “public” deleted.

This is really shaking my confidence in Local to the absolute core. Please advise. Thank you.

EDIT: The backups are not the same so I have indeed lost a lot of work (5 months) if this isn’t fixable (although possibly salvagable via Time Machine).

Possible human error which may be worth checking. I wonder if when I changed the name of the site (to add “-PHP5” I accidentally/stupidly changed the domain to just the new name without a domain. This would certainly account for screwing things up. I can’t say for sure but its certainly not out of the realm of possibility (and maybe you can tell from the log file). I am also not sure why that would delete the “public” folder.

If this is the case, PLEASE change it so its not possible to do so… the app should not accept a domain name without an extension. Continued thanks.

EDIT: Crisis averted, was able to get my files back. Still would love to help resolve this with you. Thanks as always.