Setting up NPM, Grunt, and others

I have just started testing out Local and I’m trying to get some of my workflow tools set up. I am moving from a Linux dev environment to a Windows dev environment since Local doesn’t have a Linux version yet so I’m a little fuzzy on how things are going to work. I’m trying to get Grunt installed as we use it for a lot of task automation during development. I started by using the ssh option from within Local. But, now that I’m in the site NPM doesn’t seem to be installed. Is it correct to install NPM from within the ssh session that Local creates or is there a better way to go about doing that? Also, is there a way to set up a command within the ssh session that would open things in Sublime Text?

Hey Dustin,

I’d recommend using npm and all Node.js related tools outside of the Local container. You’ll get better performance and it’ll be easier to manage in the long run.

Here’s an answer I posted to a similar question:

Can you elaborate on “outside the site container”? I am trying to install npm within my local directory but it says “noent ENOENT: no such file or directory,”

thanks in advance

By outside the container I mean not using the “Site SSH” functionality that you can access by right-clicking on a site name in the Local sidebar.

As far as that error goes, are you on macOS or Windows?