Xdebug with Bedrock

I’m running Bedrock sites on Local and am trying to integrate Xdebug wtih PHPStorm. I’ve downloaded the proper add-ons, but when I click “Add Run Configuration to PHPStorm” I receive the following error:

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/<username>/Local Sites/ blueprint-bedrock/app/public/.idea/worksoace.xml

The problem is with my Bedrock sites, there is no “public” directory, and my PHPStorm projects start at the “app” directory level.

Any ideas how to get things working?

Much thanks for any help,


Hi @cmagill - Have you checked around the forums to see if there are any previous posts that might help? Bedrock can be tricky, but some users have found workarounds to get it going. We have a feature request here as well that you can vote and comment on to provide support for Bedrock.

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