SHA256 checksum for the download archive

Hi would it be possible to provide a SHA256 checksum for the zip archive of the OSX version on the homepage? Thanks Ralf

Hi Ralf,

Good idea! I’ll make a note to add checksums for each release in the release notes here in the community forums.

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Hi Clay! Thanks a lot for considering as well as providing the particular checksums already! So my downloaded archive was all good. ;))) Thanks! Cheers r.

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Still no 256?

Also, was wondering the same thing. Local by flywheel looks to be a great tool.
However, went to find the releases with checksums but there seems to be no SHA256 codes. Only SHA1 which I was advised is a security risk. Also found some articles from 2017 enttiled
"The SHA1 hash function is now completely unsafe". See or

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