'Site can't be reached' error

Maybe my last post didn’t contain enough info, so i’ll try again. I uploaded a zip file containing the .sql file and my wp-content folder to Local (from Desktopserver) and it worked fine, I was editing the site as normal all day Friday. However I stopped the site for the weekend and returned on Monday and started the site, went to login to the admin page and I receive the following error message;
This site can’t be reached
www.dabhand.dev refused to connect.
Search Google for dabhand dev login

I have another site in progress which starts fine, the only thing that is different is the MySQL version.

Does anyone know what I need to do to resolve this?

Many Thanks

@clay I have only recently started using Local, I imported the database and content from Serverpress and it was working fine, I shut down Local for the weekend and i’ve now tried to start my site again, but I get a ‘sorry that page doesn’t seem to exist’ message.

I’m probably missing something simple, but am a newbie to this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Mike,

So sorry for the trouble!

Are you still seeing this error? Sometimes restarting the site can help.

Hi Clay,

Thanks for responding. Restarting the site didn’t work, it’s odd that it worked immediately after I imported the sql file and content folder, then I stopped the site and when I turned it back on I got the error message.

However, I have another issue with a clients site i’m working on. In beaver builder theme, the mobile view shows my video background on the home page however when I use the ngroc address on my iphone it doesn’t show the video. Any idea why this would be happening? I have to show my client this week, and need to use this function.


The video most likely isn’t working due to it being a hard-coded link to the local domain. Is there any way you can host the video online somewhere like Amazon S3 and then link to it that way?

Regarding the site not working, it sounds like a database issue, can you check that the site settings are correct in the database?

Another debug option is export your database then create a new install and export that fresh database and install that in your site you are woking on if it works we know where the issue is. Be sure not to loose any data in the process.