Site Local isn't showing the same plugins I can see on my server

Issue Summary

I’m using the latest version of Local. I’ve only just joined to try it out but if I login to my server, I see more plugins there, than what I see when I login via Local?

OS CentOS Linux 7.9.2009 (Core)
Product Plesk Obsidian
Version 18.0.48, last updated on Nov 24, 2022 03:06 AM
PHP 8.1.13 (It’s the latest available via the host)


Hi @Toprobroy!

To clarify, you’re seeing more plugins on the hosted site than the site that is in your Local app?

Because your Local site only lives on your machine it doesn’t stay up to date if changes are made on the hosted site until the changes are also made in your Local app. So if you or someone else has access to the hosted site and adds/removes plugins there those changes won’t reflect in Local.

If you’re the only one with access and haven’t changed anything, could you send us some screenshots or lists of plugins that are showing up?

We’d also like to take a look at your Local Log. There are some different ways to access and share Local Logs. For us to be able to troubleshoot thoroughly, please click the Download Local Logs button from the Support tab in Local. This will generate a zip archive that contains the Local log along with some other diagnostic information to help quickly zero in on any issues that Local is encountering.

Hi Thanks for this Nick-B
Here’s the image of what’s on my site below. I understand now though I think, is that Local WP is a Push System. If that’s the case then I’m guessing I have to install these plugins on Local?

I’m not entirely sure but it may confuse things if I do, so I’ll wait for clarity. (1.9 KB)
I hope this will help you.

FYI. I’m uploading some of the plugins now from Local, so some information may have changed by the time you look at this.

A key issue for me which I hope you can confirm, is when and if I continue with Local, will it update the current domain I have for my main domain. I am working right now on a sub-domain which is and these are both on my sever which I manage.

When it’s all complete, the idea being that I want to replace the main domain, and if I can, retain the current main domain but off line and still stored on my server. I’m not sure what Local can do for me yet.

Thanks. Robert

Hi again @Toprobroy

So yeah Local isn’t a living and breathing continuously updated version of your website. It has to be pushed and pulled (or exported and imported). So if you have a live site you’re making changes on, those won’t appear in Local until you pull or import the site again into the app. Local is meant for safe offline development, to help reduce the need for making changes on the fly to sites that are live.

As far as your domain questions, I’m not entirely sure I’m understanding, but for example, when you push a Local site to a host like WP Engine or Flywheel the search and replace of domains is automatic. If you’re taking your site elsewhere something like this is still happening during an import/migration process but you may still need to do some S/R cleanup via command line or with a plugin.

If you’re planning on building out a multisite, you may want to consult our guide here:

Ok thanks for that response.
So I run my own server and I was looking for something that when it’s complete, I could upload it all to my Domain, on my server.
I would just keep building and editing on LocalWP until that was complete and then upload.

If it won’t do that, then I think I would just get some code to prevent the site being built via my normal method, to prevent the site being discovered whilst I get it completed.

Elegant Themes told me about you, so I thought I’d take a look and check out the functionality, before I get too entrenched.

So if it can’t do that, I think I will bow out. It looks really useful mind you, but perhaps not just for me right now. Let me know Nick. Have a good Christmas. I’ll still be looking in over the season. :slight_smile:

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