"Site Not Found" Error when creating new site

OS: Windows 10 Pro
Local Version 5.4.1+3311

As of recently I am not able to access new sites I create in Local. All new sites I create results in a Site Not Found error page when I try to access it.

I created a new website just last week and it worked fine. All existing sites work fine but I can’t create any news ones.

Attached are the log files.
local-lightning.log (430.6 KB)
error.log (92.6 KB)

Have you changed your network settings recently? I’m seeing IPv6 loopback references in your error.log and there’s a failed attempt to connect to the database at the same address in the other file. That may be affecting the routing setup for your new sites?

Thanks for the reply! So, I just checked on the sites again and they’re magically working now. Probably a case of “unplug it and plug it back in.”

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