Sites missing and Mailhog is no longer capturing email

Hi all,

Using Windows 10:

I’ve been using Local Flywheel for several weeks now with no issues. I’ve developed two separate sites using it and have had no issue making my site public for clients, pushing to staging etc. It’s been a great experience. That is, until two days ago.

Flywheel local started to misbehave. When I would start the site, my computer would dramatically slow to a crawl. Flywheel would sit at 100% CPU usage. Stopping and starting the site would usually resolve the issue, though sometimes I would need to restart my computer.

Yesterday, in particular, my CPU usage skyrocketed to 100%, to the point I could not move my mouse and CTRL+ALT+DEL wouldn’t work either. I had to force a restart.

Upon opening flywheel again - all websites were now missing. Thankfully, they still existed on my local machine and the databases seemed intact; but it was like Flywheel completely forgot all reference to any of my sites.

I reimported the site I was working on. Flywheel said it may have detected an SQL error during the import and to check my site was working as expected. It was, minus losing about an hour worth of content changes (that had disappeared).

I’m willing to accept that particular issue was related to my PC and not Flywheel. However, since importing my website Mailhog has stopped capturing emails altogether. This is a big issue as this particular site leverages email heavily and I need to be able to debug.

I can access Mailhog on http://localhost:10001/ it’s status is ‘Connected’. There just doesn’t seem to be anything coming through.

Is anyone able to help me debug this? I’m not seeing any obvious errors in the debug.log - mail just simply doesn’t arrive. I’m pulling my hair out!

Hi there! What version of Local are you using?

If 5.4.2, can you go ahead and go back to 5.4.1 and see if you are seeing the same issues?

Hey Meeae, I’m using Version 5.4.1+3311

If I check for updates it says I’m running the latest version though.

Can you take a look at this other Forum thread below?

We had a couple other folks who were reporting issues with Mailhog not capturing emails on Windows and we have a workaround that Clay details out:

Hi Meeae,

Problem solved! This indeed was the issue. Thanks!

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