Size of Docker image: ~/.docker .. /disk.vmdk

How large is the Docker disk.vmdk image supposed to be?

Mine is 14Gb, which seems normal for a virtual machine.
But if there’s any chance of reducing it, then best to ask.

Hi @simbasounds,

That sounds reasonable.

Here’s a thread about shrinking the VM disks: Does the .vdi disk image ever shrink again?

The linked-to page from that thread suggests “First approach is to delete the virtual machine and then reinstall it”.

I’m curious - and something’s ringing a bell here, or sounding an alarm - if I just delete it, will LBF re-create it?

Or some similar fast technique?
Or bad idea generally?

You can do that but you’ll have to reimport all of your sites after doing that since the Docker containers will be removed.

If you do go that route, make sure all sites are exported first. It’ll make re-importing them much, much easier.

That’s exactly what I did do. In fact seeing as I was in a spring-cleaning mode, I archived everything - about 12 sites - then removed the .docker folder, and all of Local’s preferences. Then restarted Local.

I’m currently re-importing one of the archives.
Looking forward to 14Gb’s worth of elbow room…

Thanks Clay!

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