Enormous Docker File - can safely I delete it now?

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Large 18.6GB Docker file associated with Local by Flywheel.

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Now I’m using Local 5.9.9 can I just delete this enormous file? I’m unlikly to ever use the older Local By Flywheel ever again and have transferred all projects that needed transferring. Deleting it won’t effect Local 5.9.9? I’d really like to get rid of this and free up the disk space!

Yes, delete it. It has nothing to do with Local 5.x

Thanks that’s great!

Didn’t LbF 3.x use VirtualBox?

Originally, Local Classic (<3.3.1) did use Docker within VirtualBox. The reason for setting things up this way was that Docker support was limited to linux, so it was necessary to manage those containers within a Linux VM (boot2docker).

In case others are curious, this is what that .docker folder looks like for me. The main culprit in terms of disk size is that virtual disk – disk.vmdk

As andy mentioned, if you have everything migrated over, then there’s no need to keep this VM around and you can safely delete this folder.

  total used in directory 3.7G available 28 GiB
  drwx------ 13 benjamin staff  416 Jan 20 08:17 .
  drwx------  3 benjamin staff   96 Nov 20  2019 ..
  drwx------  5 benjamin staff  160 Jan 20 08:17 local-by-flywheel
  -rw-------  1 benjamin staff  48M Nov 20  2019 boot2docker.iso
  -rw-r--r--  1 benjamin staff 1.1K Nov 20  2019 ca.pem
  -rw-r--r--  1 benjamin staff 1.1K Nov 20  2019 cert.pem
  -rw-------  1 benjamin staff 3.0K Jan 20 08:17 config.json
  -rw-------  1 benjamin staff 3.6G Jan 20 08:17 disk.vmdk
  -rw-------  1 benjamin staff 1.7K Nov 20  2019 id_rsa
  -rw-------  1 benjamin staff  381 Nov 20  2019 id_rsa.pub
  -rw-------  1 benjamin staff 1.7K Nov 20  2019 key.pem
  -rw-------  1 benjamin staff 1.7K Nov 20  2019 server-key.pem
  -rw-r--r--  1 benjamin staff 1.2K Nov 20  2019 server.pem

Ah, I forgot about the VirtualBox/Docker setup from way back then. Thanks for clarifying, Ben.

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