(SOLVED) Can't get Newest Version 2.2.4 to work

UPDATE: After 7 hours of trying to get to work (restarts, restore, firewall exclusion, checking host ‘read’ ok, etc etc) I went to dinner - after I came back, tried site again and was still in cylce of trying to start after long while (so couldn’t stop it). Went to menu and ‘Restart Local Machine’ and then everything started working again.

Thought I’d update to the 2.2.4 - from what I read, you just run the new install and it will overwrite the older version - THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS. Was working fine with 2.1.2.
At first this showed up ‘This site can’t be reached - err_connection_refused’. - stopped site - started again. Then, got the 'Error When Starting Site . . . '.
Then tried to close and got the 'Un-oh! My SQL was unavailable when Local tried to back up . . . ’
Did a full (windows 7 x64) System Restore - but 2.2.4 is still there - I don’t even know how it’s still there, but . . . it is.

I’m afraid to uninstall and lose all my work from the last month. I’ve been working with this for hours. Looking for a solution. Please help - was just about to take site live after a few tweaks. Now I cannot do anything. Did add as an exclusion to Firewall too.

local-by-flywheel.log (101.1 KB)

I am having the same exact issue right now. If I restart the local machine will I lose everything I have been working on for 2 months? I feel sick to my stomach right now. Scared to do anything, but it’s just spinning saying ‘starting’ and I need to get this going. I have a deadline of TOMORROW for it to be complete!!

UPDATE: I went to Menu > Restart Local Machine > then Start Site. Had to click admin 3 times but on the 3rd time my 2 months of building was back to where I left off. THANK YOU for the above tip as it also helped me. I was so scared to hit that button, but it worked! Up and running now. Thank you for posting this! @spirit