SQL from time machine backup

I have been using Local on my Macbook and backing up the mac using Time Machine. My Macbook has had to go to Apple for a few days following a display issue so I dusted off my old macbook and restored that using the time machine from my new macbook (the one that is in for repair).

In local the theme is the latest version however the database is the original database from a fresh installation.

FYI, I selected to set the local site up on a certain folder (that is also backed up by dropbox), looking in /app/sql/local.sql it is indeed the default database.

Is the working sql for a local site stored elsewhere?

Hopefully Apple do not wipe my drive (they said they shouldn’t need to) so when it comes back I can just continue to work on this site but I’d like to do some work on it in the meantime, if I can restore the database to the correct version.


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