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SQLite Support?

Is Local ever going to support SQLite? People keep asking about it, and the answer is always “Local is optimized for WordPress”…and some links to articles about PECL and compiling PHP extensions. Is anyone on the Local team aware that SQLite isn’t a PECL supported package anymore and hasn’t been since 2008?

SQLite is part of the default PHP package, and the Local team removes it by compiling with the following flags:

‘–without-sqlite3’ ‘–without-pdo-sqlite’

What does removing SQLite have to do with optimizing PHP for WordPress? There are plugins that use it, and developing custom plugins that use it is problematic if one wants to use Local. Further, trying to get designers and others on a team to compile PHP extensions is about as likely to happen as seeing Moses on Main St.

If the Local team says it’s worried about performance while it has 50 or so hashing engines supported in its PHP configuration, that seems somewhat dubious.

Does Local intend to ever stop removing SQLite during compiling and give us a default PHP level of support, or is the answer basically, that it’s not ever going to happen and Local is just gong to essentially remain some variant of cripple-ware?

It’s not just useful for WordPress development, but it’s often helpful for prototyping…or would be if there was access to it. As more and more developers use WordPress API driven sites pulling data from WP as a backend, integrating features and functionality that make use of additional databases (SQLite in this case) is problematic if a team or individual wants to build or test such sites in Local. Being told we should go download and recompile PHP with a PECL package that’s a decade and a half outdated is kind of ridiculous.