Stuck at Adding wordpress

Hello i just installed local by flywheel because i wanted to make a new website locally, but i cant create a website, for some reason i installed the program and when i create a website its always stuck at “adding wordpress” i dont know why, i searched the internet and i cant find a solution, and i dunno maybe an older version of flywheel, but the program didnt install any VM during the first installation (maybe older versions of local needed VMs? i dunno but all the videos and topics where around 2017 so they are outdated)

Here is what i tried:

reinstalling local
deleting the site and trying to create a new one
restarting pc
deleting local sites located in users/local where the program is installed.

i still cant manage to create my first website and start using the program, any help is much appreciated !

local screen shot|690x388

local-lightning.log (61.8 KB)

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