Stuck at provisioning WP-CLI all Blueprints useless

After weeks of creating new blueprints
The software now says: “Stuck at provisioning WP-CLI” when I am trying to use my blueprints.
weeks of work gone. I tried all the topics on here.
(Add from blueprint hangs at wp-cli but new plain site works etc…)
I have had to re-install everything and start again.

Sorry guys but this is dreadful and has cost me days of work going back.

I think as a beta etc… you should be on top of this

I am a macuser and not changed anything?

CAn you give us an update on this issues As I wont be saving anything as a blueprint untill we can get some more feedback. This is a core thing and not some request?



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I am finding blueprints to be useless. I barely ever had one work. Currently this is the same issue I am having.