Stuck Checking System

I just changed my Mac using the migration.
Now Local stays forever doing “Checking System” and nothing starts.
I deleted the app and reinstalled manually, the “Checking System” continues forever.
Any hints?

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Same here. Did you find any solution. I even tried downloading 3.01 to see if that would work. Bus still the eternal “Checking Systems” screen.

@caban @bjonky ,

Sorry about this!

The steps here usually take care of this issue: How can I forcefully restart the Local by Flywheel VM?

If the issue persists, please provide your local-by-flywheel.log file. See How do I retrieve Local’s log file? for instructions on how to do so. This will give us more details on why it’s getting stuck on “Checking System…”

I my case, it was missing the “VirtualBox” app. Nowhere it is said that you need to have it. Previously, different computer, it was already installed before installing “Local”.


Thanks for the heads-up! Local has a built-in check to see if VirtualBox is installed but it likely received a false positive in your case. We’ll look into why this happened.