Local stuck on Checking System,

Heya- I have been using local by Flywheel for a while and it just stopped working. It gets stuck on “checking system”

I manually updated Local by Flywheel and this did not fix it.

I see a lot of people mentioning VirtualBox as related to this issue. I don’t think I have VirtualBox as I can’t locate it with a search on my Mac. Is it an “invisible” file? Where would it reside generally?

Hew @peppermintsoda, it’s been a while and we’re sorry that we didn’t get a response to you!

VirtualBox is the companion piece to Local that runs the virtual server on your computer to house all of the web server components that are needed for sites in Local. It is a separate app that should be located in your Applications folder or Program list (Mac/Windows). If it isn’t present on your computer, Local may not have been installing properly and at this point we’d recommend downloading the latest version and try again (after uninstalling any existing copy of Local/VirtualBox that might be hanging out somewhere).