Stuck on "Checking System..."

@nemateur -

I’m seeing this within the Local log:

May 30, 2019, 1:23 PM GMT+2 - warn: [main/set-docker-env] Unable to get Docker Machine env. This usually happens when there is a kernel panic inside the VM. Attempting to power cycle VM now. 
{ error:
   { killed: true,
     code: null,
     signal: 'SIGTERM',
      'C:\\Users\\lamim\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\local-by-flywheel\\resources\\extraResources\\virtual-machine\\vendor\\docker\\windows\\docker-machine.exe env --shell bash local-by-flywheel' } }

That makes me think there is some sort of issue with the Docker daemon inside the Virtual Machine. Can you try restarting the VM by going to “Help > Restart Local Machine”.

If that doesn’t work, then follow the steps outlined in this topic to forcefully shut down and restart the VM: