Setting up Xdebug and PHPStorm

Hello, this is my first day with Xdebug, i’m using phpstorm as my ide and would like to know on how i can integrate it with Xdebug. i already browse some topic related with this, but can’t find issue that like mine. My problem is the Xdebug configuration button under utilities is greyed out

When i hover on the button, it has warning Xdebug is not compatible with preferred sites (see my screenshot here:

i already set my phpstorm project on /app/public folder…

What else should i do ?



did you find a solution to this? I don’t even have this button :slight_smile:

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I also can’t find the button

The button doesn’t appear to be in later versions of Local, which is a shame.

Maybe @clay could let us know why this is.

Anyway, moving onto the reasoning, Xdebug only is enabled on custom environments at the moment.



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