Success Story on 2.1.2 Windows

I had totally given up on LbF after troubleshooting for the last 24 hours… different versions of LbF, different versions of VM, trying on my laptop, trying on my desktop…

I was FINALLY able to restore a site in the Local Sites folder by…

  1. Using the technique described by Clay in the post How to Restore a Site on Local - ***HOWEVER, there should be 2 steps added… one is to STOP the site… and the other is to START again the site. Before implementing these extra steps, Clay’s method was failing in my case

  2. Deleting DesktopServer completely from my PC - not sure it’s related but…it uses its own Apache libraries I think…so maybe there was a conflict

  3. Reverting back to 2.2.1 instead of using the 2.2.0 Pre-Release. 2.2.0 was creating a virtual c drive in my root, which was then a duplicate of my Local Sites… not sure why but that was probably NOT a good thing!

So, these 3 things together have made me breathe a huge sigh of relief. Hopefully it provides guidance for others.