Help to uninstall and reinstall local - retain existing local sites

Okay, so I am not a technical person. I am locked out of local with an error message “Error setting up host only network on machine host.”

I was hoping to get some support advice here to resolve the issue, but I see that many such questions are never answered. So I am planning to simply uninstall and reinstall LBFW. If I do so will I lose the existing local sites? Is there a recommendation to save the local site files before I uninstall?

Thank you.

Hello again @quizzical! That’s an excellent question. Luckily, we have a tutorial on how to do just that. I’ll include the link below, but basically you’ll need zip up each site found in your Local Sites directory and put them somewhere safe. After that, you can go ahead and uninstall and reinstall Local and then import them back in one by one. With that said, I would encourage you to try what I mentioned in your other post first, and hopefully you don’t have to do these extra steps.

Here’s the link on how to restore Local sites.

Let me know how it goes.