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Sudden $table_prefix error when pushing to WP Engine


I’m using Local for two months quite successfully, all of a sudden I receive today this error message when trying to push:

Uh-oh! we ran into an issue when updating the table prefix from WP Engine. You might need to set the $table_prefix variable in the wp-config.php on WP Engine to “tre_”.

Now, I looked into the wp-config.php file, and the $table_prefix variable is set to “tre_”.
What is the issue then?

Well, after checking Local’s log I saw this connection refusal warning:

{“thread”:“main”,“class”:"",“message”:“ssh: connect to host saphirahair.ssh.wpengine.net port 22: Connection refused\r\n”,“level”:“warn”,“timestamp”:“2020-09-08T08:50:16.823Z”}

Apparently my hotel’s WIFI room blocked the connection and for some reason Local emit that the error is related to $table_prefix. So I was really confused.
After connecting to my iPhone’s WIFI I succeeded pushing again.

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Nice job debugging that!

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Nice job debugging that!

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