Switch from nginx to Apache on existing local site?

Hi! I need to temporarily switch to Apache on a site I already have set up in Local (to get a plugin thing to load properly). How might I do that?

Hi Danielle,

If the site is already running the “Custom” environment, it’s super-simple. Click on the site in Local, and then in the web server dropdown select “Apache” and click the “Change” button.

However, odds are the site is running the “Preferred” environment which is locked to nginx and lacks the capability of hot-swapping like the “Custom” environment.

Here’s how you can switch the site to the “Custom” environment:

  1. Right-click on the site in the Local sidebar
  2. Click on Export and follow the prompts
  3. Take the resulting zip from the Export zip and drag and drop it onto Local’s dock icon or main window
  4. Follow the import flow and select the “Custom” environment. From there, you can also select “Apache” if you wish.