Symbolic link doesn't work

Hello! are there any a ways symbolick link can work?
I have symbolic link of theme folder but I can’t see the theme in WP dashboard.


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Sadly VirtualBox doesn’t work with symlinks pointing outside of the shared folders so you’ll need to use the Volumes addon to make this work.

Here’s the link:

Unless someone at Flywheel can figure something out, as far as I know Docker doesn’t allow the use of symbolic links.

From what I’ve seen the Docker devs say it’s a security thing, but it should be allowed for local development.

I tried your link and it worked. But It’s still a disadvantage because we have to use in /User path. :frowning:

Yes, the security reason is not reasonable for local development.

This is more of a Docker limitation than anything. By default Docker only mounts /Users so the add-on only supports /Users.

The application itself supports /Volumes as well but we need to implement a check into the add-on before that can be safely implemented.

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I think it’s more of a Vagrant thing than a Docker thing. But it’s sort of a difference without a distinction. Using the Volumes Add-on is the way to go. The only drawback of using a synced folder is that your IDE likely won’t let you edit anything inside.

The next trick is to replace the newly generated empty folder that Docker sees as the synced folder with an actual symlink. Then the IDE will be able to edit.

@clay I still say that would make a great option to the Volumes Add-on. Check a box to add the replacement of the synced folder with an actual symlink.

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Oh right! Looks like it’s already in the GitHub Issues back from WordCamp LA:

I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:


Hey Clay, anything more on this feature?

For everyone interested I think I solved this issue with a bash script. I do not know if this works on Windows.

To use you will need to modify the script to suit your local environment.

After creating all your add-on volumes in Local and remapping the volumes you then run the personalized script.

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