The requested URL /wp-admin/ was not found on this server

Issue Summary

Was running a 4.x version of Local
I hadn’t used it in several months, and got prompted (forced) to update.
After getting jammed in a loop of invalid certificates, I mnged to fight past it.
Installed 5.9.9.x (now 5.10 .1 + 5267

Created a new Database
When I click “Open SIte” it says “It works”
When I click “Admin” it says “The requested URL /wp-admin/ was not found on this server.”

I would restore my old site fromm a backup if I could get to the WP admin

Otherwise I am going to need help fixing the old certificate rpoblems with 4.x so I can export and import.

Getting this running will be much easier…

System Details

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

What is typical response time to support requests?

The answer is unfortunately, it depends.

The more descriptive you can be with you problem and providing error logs always help. If there’s some way to reproduce it, even better.

FWIW there never was a Local v4.x

If your issue is SSL certs does it work without SSL? There are few circumstances where using SSL is needed locally.

Can you create a new site and does it work?

Fundamentally Local is free software and while the forums have dedicated Flywheel people around, it mostly other users who answer questions.

Also unless there’s some reason you can’t run the latest versions of the software you should be.

Same could be said for keeping you OS up to date.

Maybe I put in too much info.

I am on the latest version of the software 5.10.1
If it wasn’t 4.x it was 3.x. The old one from last year…

It is essentially a fresh install. I renamed all my old localwp directories.
After install completed I created one new WP site. That is where I am stuck.

What precisely does essentially a fresh install mean?

So a new site doesn’t open the site admin?
What’s the URL in the browser?

URL is


Hey @galt

Reading through this, it sounds like there was an update to Local Classic (the old 3.x line) and updated to the most recent Classic version. If that version is working for you, go ahead and continue to use it, however any 3.x version of Local won’t receive any features or security updates – you’re basically on your own.

The most recent version of Local (sometimes referred to as “Local Lighting” is the 5.x line) has some significant changes.

Reading through your description, a couple of things stand out:

The “It work” text is something that Local doesn’t respond with. This is actually the default text that the Apache web server uses when it’s first installed. When you consider that along with the wp-admin not working, I’m thinking that there was an existing apache process listening on port 80 (the default for HTTP).

High Sierra is a pretty old OS and there are likely some incompatibilities between it and Local. While Apple hasn’t released any official end-of-life communication, they typically only support the latest version as well as two versions before it. With BigSur deployed, that means that Mojave is the oldest OS that should be used. Ideally if you can, you should update to a more recent version of MacOS (I’d go with Catalina myself, but BigSur seems pretty good too)

If updating the OS isn’t an option, then you’re really left with figuring out what is actually listening on port 80 (the “It Works” text) and either stopping it, or working around it by using Local’s localhost Router Mode.

For more info on the “Router Mode” setting in Local, as well as some pointers for troubleshooting this, take a look at the Router Mode help doc:

Good luck!

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